Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Custom G.I. Joe RESOLUTE Figures

As I mentioned earlier, G.I. Joe RESOLUTE got me back into this whole action figure customizing thing. I made Samus about a year ago, and shelved her. I had planned to do a Hanzo and Galford (from Samurai Shodown) FOREVER, but never got around to it. G.I. Joe was my favorite toy line as a kid, and the leaked RESOLUTE trailer got me hyped and in a kid/toy mood. So, I set out to create the "Alpha Squad" of G.I. Joe! In actuality, they're more like the "M.A.S.S. Device infiltration team from the first Sunbow miniseries.

And here is the team all finished!


The Black Samurai said...

These are truly awesome! I'm happy to see them up on your blog! Can't wait to see who you build next!

Chris Harrison said...

What???? No Flint?

Yo, I had been hearing about these figurines you made. All I can say is Wow--They look like real action figures/toys you can buy in the store. They are awesome!!!! All of them are great, i think my favorites though are snake eyes and Stalker.