Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pursuit of Cobra Spirit Iron-Knife

Here's my update to the POC Spirit Iron-Knife. I really liked the sculpting and the accessories, but the color scheme and camo were kinda weak (unless he was hidden in a celery patch).

Gave him a brown camo pattern and a falcon (more useful for hunting than an eagle)

Strung his bow (which can actually go around the cams; it's a lefty bow so posing him right handed was...dumb.)



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tier 1 Pursuit of Cobra: Duke action figure

The new G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra line is what I thought that G.I. Joe would naturally evolve into by the time that I was an adult. Even despite all the Star Force (or whatever) Eco-Force, and Street Fighter BS that we were subjected to. The POC Duke was almost perfect when I first saw it, and when I gave it a hard look, my arrogance took over and I figured that I could step it up a bit (to Tier 1, of course...)

Compared to my usual custom jobs, this one took relatively little time, painting, and sculpting to finish.

Base Figure: POC Duke
Elbow pads, Mag Pouches, Comm unit, & Secondary holster: Bravo Team guy
Primary Weapon: ROC Pit Commando
Secondary Weapon: POC Firefly
Headset: Sgt. Airborne helmet
Shemagh: Arctic Storm Shadow


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sagat and Adon 3 3/4" figures

Today I've got 2 more Street Fighter customs... This is what I saw in my head as a kid when the Street fighter Joes came out... not quite what I got. I had to add a huge point of articulation to Sagat's torso because SOMEBODY thinks that a Venom figure doesn't need to move! LOL. and anyway...

Torso & Arms: Venom figure
Great sculpt, horrible articulation. Had to add a point of articulation to the torso in the middle.
Legs: XMO Sabretooth figure.
Articulated legs that fit the Venom scale
Head: XMO Sabretooth figure (and a LOTTTTTTTTTTT of sculpting)
Hands: Revoltech Guile
Feet: Toybiz Weapon X Figure
Trunks: Fodder

Body: XMO Weapon X figure
Head: MU Green Goblin
Hands: MU Namor
Trunks: Henry Jones figure

The wraps were made from cloth tape and painted


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rolento and Sodom Custom Action Figures

Here are the MAD GEAR members Rolento and Sodom from Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha. Had to give Guy and Cody someone to go at it with...
Rolento was pretty simple overall, but Sodom's head and shoulders were...tedious

Head: 25th Zartan
Body/Legs: ROC Destro
Arms: 25th Roadblock
Hands: Resolute Duke
Beret: Marauder
Baton: MU White Ninja

Body: MU Thor
Head: ROC Destro
Helmet: Broken Arrow
Jitte: 25th Cobra Trooper
Everything else on that guy is sculpted...ugh.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Custom 3 3/4" CODY & GUY SF ALPHA 3 action figures

Here's the Final Fight duo in their Street Fighter Alpha incarnations. These two took a LOT of work (especially Guy...jeez.)

Cody Recipe:
Head: Revoltech Dante
Torso: PP/AT Snake Eyes
Upper Arms: MU Black Panther
Lower Arms: ROC Destro
Hands/Legs/Feet: ROC Storm Shadow

Guy Recipe:
Head: Hot Toys Tereus
Upper Torso: AT Snake Eyes/ROC Destro
Lower Torso: Cobra Trooper
Arms: Croc Master
Hands: MU White Ninja
Legs: DB Evolution Piccolo
Feet: AT Snake Eyes

Hope you Enjoy!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Here are the Good Guys from Metal Gear Solid. This is my second version of Solid Snake and Gray Fox. I made some improvements to them and I'm happy with the results... Thanks for looking and enjoy!


It's been a while since I posted any new custom figures, but I wanted to finish up a batch before I put them up here. Here is the FOXHOUND Unit from Metal Gear Solid, probably my favorite video game series of all time. I hope that you enjoy the pics! If any of you customizers out there want recipes, msg me!

Thanks for looking!