Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pursuit of Cobra Spirit Iron-Knife

Here's my update to the POC Spirit Iron-Knife. I really liked the sculpting and the accessories, but the color scheme and camo were kinda weak (unless he was hidden in a celery patch).

Gave him a brown camo pattern and a falcon (more useful for hunting than an eagle)

Strung his bow (which can actually go around the cams; it's a lefty bow so posing him right handed was...dumb.)




Cavalier Design Works said...

Nice! I especially like the bow and arrows you attached to him. Kinda reminds me of that hispanic/native american dude from the Predator movie.

Lonewolf said...

I think that's who he was modeled after. He comes w/ the same rifle and everything. The New Quick-Kick has the Bruce Lee scars and a "Cobra-Kai" logo on his Gi...