Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sagat and Adon 3 3/4" figures

Today I've got 2 more Street Fighter customs... This is what I saw in my head as a kid when the Street fighter Joes came out... not quite what I got. I had to add a huge point of articulation to Sagat's torso because SOMEBODY thinks that a Venom figure doesn't need to move! LOL. and anyway...

Torso & Arms: Venom figure
Great sculpt, horrible articulation. Had to add a point of articulation to the torso in the middle.
Legs: XMO Sabretooth figure.
Articulated legs that fit the Venom scale
Head: XMO Sabretooth figure (and a LOTTTTTTTTTTT of sculpting)
Hands: Revoltech Guile
Feet: Toybiz Weapon X Figure
Trunks: Fodder

Body: XMO Weapon X figure
Head: MU Green Goblin
Hands: MU Namor
Trunks: Henry Jones figure

The wraps were made from cloth tape and painted


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