Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Arkham City action figures

I know that I haven't posted anything in a loooong time, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been busy. I HAVE been busy playing Arkham City. The game has, in turn, inspired these figures:

Head: Captain Britain
Torso: Heroic Age Captain America
Arms: Captain Britain
Legs: Dark Spider-Man/C. Britain


Head: Microman Catwoman/ Appleseed Cyborg
Torso: ROC Baroness/ Sub5 Petra
Arms, Legs: ROC Baroness
Hands: Microman Catwoman


Tim Drake Robin:

Head/ Hood: POC Zartan alt head/ROC Duke
Torso: MU Astonishing Wolverine
Arms: XMO Wolverine/POC Duke/ROC Storm Shadow
Legs: POC Zartan/ROC Jungle Storm Shadow


Lady Bird said...

Pretty cool!

Lady Bird said...

Pretty cool! -- Khalilah

The Black Samurai said...

Very nice! Love them all but I think Catwoman is my favorite.

Cavalier Design Works said...

WOW...N-N-NO you didn't!!!!
These look Tight!!! You even did catwoman. You have really gotten good at this!

Lonewolf said...

Thanks for the feedback guys! Glad you like them. I've got more on the way!

Nolascana said...

just to be awkward I thought Damian was the Hooded Robin. Richard Grayson as Batman comment on it himself and more or less said that Bruce always disapproved of hoods. Other than that... awesome xD I mean he did have the dark cape n all that *cough* sorry... Batfamily nitpicker will leave you be now xD