Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hey all, I know that it's been a minute, but I haven't been laying around.  Got a big backlog of figures that are  90% done, and I'll be posting them in the coming weeks.  Anyways, here's a quick (no pun intended) custom that just took me a few days to complete since I had the parts laying around.  It's Quick Kick!

Someone in a forum had the idea of putting him in Bruce Lee's "Game of Death" banana outfit.  Now that's just silly ;) But I thought about giving him Bruce's "Enter the Dragon" catsuit with a yellow stripe as a "Game of Death" homage. (Not as silly, right? ...RIGHT?)  So here's G.I. Joe's "Silent Weapons Specialist".  Enjoy!

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Cavalier Design Works said...

Tight design Jay. Love the black pants with yellow stripe too. Easily one of my favorites.